“Poetry of Love: The Engagement Year” by N.N. Light

Poetry of Love: The Engagement Year Book Cover Poetry of Love: The Engagement Year
N. N. Light
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September 16, 2016

I used to read a lot of poetry in high school and in college, well outside the school requirements. I enjoyed it tremendously. Now, I wanted to go back to it, in new language, new life experiences. I ended up with "Poetry of love". I was tremendously disappointed. The only thing coming to my mind reading the poems was how simple the language is, how straight the stories. I was looking for creative metaphors I can decipher, and everything was just stated straight and direct. It felt like the poems, as full of love and devotion as they are, would be more fitting as texts of pop songs than poetry volume. Plenty of repeating words of "love" and "miss". Felt quite naive. Not my thing, I am afraid.

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