“Daily painting” by Carol Marine

Daily Painting Book Cover Daily Painting
Carol Marine
November 4, 2014
trade paperback


I am a photographer, not a painter. I grabbed the book as the idea of creating daily art and selling it online appealed to me. I wondered what lessons will be more general that I can use them, too.

"Daily painting" by Carol Marine is a very hard to classify book. It is a very comprehensive guide - technical, business and inspiration. It explains the concept and advantage of daily painting. Then it goes on to basics of painting - sketching, measuring, mixing colors, composition - all those technical details that make a huge difference in the final output. I learned a lot of tricks I wish I was taught in school when I was struggling in art classes! And some compositional tricks photographers do not talk about (and they should!).

Two chapters deserve special attention. In chapters about choosing subject and about artist's block author did not also present her perspective, but included many voices from the industry - other daily painters, with different experiences and subject matters. It adds tremendous value to the book. So do the authors own painting and countless examples of other artists' art, beautifully reproduced, many on the full page spread - on a higher quality, lightly textured paper. Just to browse through the book is a treat.

There are few business related chapters as well- where to sell, how and why to start your own blog, how to take pictures so painting looks at its best, how to edit photographs and many more!

I finished the book inspired to go back to creating photographs, and maybe even start painting.
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